Since 2012, the Pasternak Foundation has supported after-school figure skating programs in public schools.


Voter engagement is at an all time low in California, with only 28% of eligible voters participating in this year’s November elections. Over the past four months, I took to the streets with a Caligram team of four to uncover why this is, and what might be done to entice state residents to engage in issues affecting their communities and beyond.

Our team found that two factors—lack of time and limited access to clear information—make it daunting for many people to become involved in the political process.

Taking inspiration from infographics, public art and propaganda, our team developed both an app and a series of public structures to focus the public’s attention on events taking place in their communities. The public structures, scattered throughout San Francisco, deliver information quickly through infographics, and spark person-to-person dialogue.

People can also use the Caligram app, which has a feed of current events in infographic form. When ready, users can then link out to news outlets to delve deeper into the topic.

By enabling people to quickly access engaging information—physically and digitally—we trust that citizens will engage in educated discussions on issues that are important to them, and participate in creating change in their communities by going to the polls and casting their vote.

Skills: Design research, Innovation, Design thinking, Human-centered design, Product development

Visual design: Candelaria Ochoa


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